You might have heard that recently a teenager was caught cheating in a video game and was, quite rightly, banned from participating in that video game by the developers Epic Games.

That person has gone on to deliver a tearful apology on YouTube, hoping to garner some sympathy and take accountability for his actions – which he should have thought about before he created a secondary account, on a different computer and then installed aim-botting software.

Following this official statement, he has taken leave from his “clans” £11.2 million mansion to return to his parents, where they will surely reaffirm the belief that “cheaters never proposer” and not validate the situation by claiming he is ‘broken’ by the actions taken by the developers and asking for a more lenient sentence.

In the light of this, other players of the game have offered their thoughts on the situation, where they have suggested that it wasn’t all that bad and he shouldn’t have faced such severe consequences.

At this time, the player remains banned.


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