God of War (Review)

God of War is already PlayStation’s Game of the Year for 2018, a 10-hour epic campaign focused on convincing you to call your dad and maybe go fishing with him this weekend. If you haven’t played God of War by now, you’d be well placed to give “Just Say No” talks to troubled teens after you’ve finally traded in your Xbox One for a good console.

God of War follows the recent trend of “reimagining” classic games, taking them in a different direction and shaking up the formula. Like Assassin’s Creed: Origins last year, God of War has been given the open world treatment with a splash of RPG fundamentals on which to balance a Spartan with anger issues and his equally troubled boy, Atreus. This has given us the beautiful realm of Midgard – and surrounding realms – to immerse ourselves within, full to the brim with precious goodies to find and a handful of excellent side characters to get to know and drag through your tavels.

God of War - Fighting a Draugr

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Aviary Attorney (Review)

Aviary Attorney is a criminally short romp through 1840’s France, as you take on the role of defence attorney Jayjay Falcon. Clearly influenced by the Phoenix Wright games of the past, you spend your time exploring different locales, collecting evidence and taking statements to defend your client in the court. Aviary Attorney was developed by Sketchy Logic following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and eventually found its way into my Steam library this year through a Humble Monthly bundle. It is currently available on PC and Mac.

This year I’m trying (and mostly failing) to make a more of an effort to play a larger variety of games, as opposed to 6 hours of World of Warcraft a day. Aviary Attorney immediately piqued my interest because… well, look at it! From the outset it looks ridiculous, but it absolutely scratched an itch I didn’t know I had – I’d missed the Ace Attorney series growing up, but I’m tempted to dust off my DS and grab a copy from CeX to carry on my clearly prosperous lawyerial career!

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